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"DANGER BEYOND INTRIGUE is a fresh, highly detailed look into the global drug scene...gutty, earthy, historical. [...] The book is an epic, massive story with a sprawling canvas"

Sam Roeca

Screen Writer’s Guild

 Hollywood, California

"There are books [...] you will read 1/2 way and quit, and some which you wish would never end. "Danger Beyond Intrigue" by H. L Valdez is the latter, hands down. [...] It's worth consideration to be made into a movie - an exciting movie, at that!"

Richard Edward Haun

"I found a lot of good information and encouragement in this book. [...] The author is a very kind human being and knows how to motivate people."

Jana Y. 

Bangkok, Thailand

"Danger Beyond Intrigue is a book for everyone [...] Valdez paints a picture with excruciating detail. This book is hypnotic and movie ready."

Brian H.

"Danger Beyond Intrigue is an extraordinarily well-written, meticulously detailed, gloriously descriptive and intriguing story [...] This book deserves due acclaim and [...] should be a best seller."

Robert Stuart Yoder, Ph.D.

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