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Covid-19, restriction-of-movements, loneliness and social-Isolation can lead to frustration, anger and in some cases, suicide. Hilary’s Mental Fitness examines social events and provides positive resilient strategies to cope with today’s struggles. Amid an ever-changing fractured world with contrary points of view, surviving can be seen as one huge on-going negotiation. As life conditions unfold, they challenge and affect our wellbeing, influence our beliefs, and at unexpected times, lead to out-of-proportion reactions. Hilary’s Mental Fitness provides the reader with psychological readiness solutions to improve positive thinking along with strategies to manage social challenges and improve behavior.


Anthology of Social Essays is an essential guide for navigating current social events and overcoming challenges in everyday life. Some of the topics may be troubling. Hopefully you can create some new visions for yourself and begin to create a new inner life. Everything begins with the power of your mind. Train your mind to be positive. Find small things in life to be grateful for. This helps your mind to become more positive over time. Positive manifestation means consciously creating a positive inner and outer environment for yourself.


A global realignment is occurring in the heroin market and criminal leaders are fighting over the spoils of a drug trade worth billions of dollars. The American and Japanese government will do everything in their power to stop them.


This self help book explores the emotional knots men have in relationships. This mobile wisdom guide helps men with mental fitness and with developing the techniques for managing and enhancing the romantic value of their relationship.






Conflict Resolution Fundamentals is filled with solution focus activities to manage your daily life. This primer applies real life solutions for successful living by promoting self-reliance, emotional stability and inner growth. This approach will strengthen mental toughness, and develop psychological hardening skills by clarifying thoughts, feelings and reactions while achieving a balance in identifying and resolving personal and social conflicts. The aims are to challenge irrational beliefs, increase optimism, mental agility, self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-regulate behavioral responses.


This booklet is designed as a quick reference providing immediate answers to tension breeding factors, while maintaining emotional mental health and managing stressful situations.

Front Line

A global realignment is occurring in the heroin market. The American and Japanese governments are developing a strategy to attack international underworld narcotic cartels. The President of the United States has signed an Executive Order allowing the Crisis Response Team to conduct Operation Tense and carry out summary executions to battle transnational criminal groups.
A six-person team from law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies have been selected to infiltrate, capture, and stop the cunning, deadly, and powerful Asian drug lords.

The Struggle (Front Line Book 2)

Traditional Italian organized crime has been substantially weakened by major prosecutions. Their decline has created a vacuum in the importation and distribution of heroin in New York. Triads are beginning to dominate international narcotics traffic. Demand for heroin is increasing due to a surge in opium production. The Crisis Team considers Japanese Yakuza and Chinese gangs to be major players in the world narcotics trade, including members of the Big Circle Triad and former commandos of the People's Liberation Army.

Ground Work (Front Line Book 3)

Sasha Nakamura, Director of Field Operations for the Yakuza crime group in Tokyo, is using members of South Vietnam’s government in a “top-zone” four-tiered heroin-pushing pyramid. Sasha is laundering money through Tokyo banks with international cash transactions going into the millions of dollars.
Gina Leung, based in Hong Kong, holds the rank of Sing Fung, Chief of Recruiting, with the Chinese Triads. Gina is traveling throughout Asia recruiting hit men and women to protect her business operations. Both crime leaders are traveling to the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, the Golden Triangle, and Los Angeles, ensuring an uninterrupted drug flow while managing security leaks.

Criminal Intentions (Front Line Book 4)

As international police agreements fail, Burma has become a general source country for narcotics leaving Thailand. The military pullback from the North meant narcotics move along unsecured roadways by truck in large volume. Increasing numbers of opiate products from Burma find their way through China, India, Laos, and Bangladesh. Economic instability, bribery, and favored relationships resulted in intelligence leaks within the deadly crime network. Murder is on the rise.

Bad Karma (Front Line Book 5)

Opium, morphine, and heroin is being smuggled across international frontiers. Narcotics are moving from refineries and exit points along Burma’s borders with over 800 tons of raw opium being harvested in the Golden Triangle.
Political turmoil, economic instability, and excellent weather is providing favorable conditions for increased narcotics production. Enforcement operations and anti-narcotics agreements are being seriously impeded. The termination and exchange of intelligence information among the United States and key opium growing regions has created a serious setback.

The Edge (Front Line Book 6)

Every attempt by the Japanese and the American governments to contain the heroin business has achieved limited success. The Leung’s family continues to control the heroin market and systematically eradicates any opponent, until now.
Another syndicate is rising, the Chinese gangsters; a ruthless splintered group of drug traffickers only motivated by money.

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