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A former U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Hilary L. Valdez is a freelance writer with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Counseling, and post-graduate school education in Master Resiliency Training and Emergency Trauma Services. As a former Social Science Analyst with the Army at Camp  Zama, Japan, he managed Resiliency Training and Survivor Services; Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, Japan, Program Director, In-patient care. In the States: U.S. Department of Justice, Investigator/Conciliation Specialist; 29 Palms Marine Air Ground Combat Center, Trainer for Combat Operational Stress Control Teams and Substance Abuse Therapist; University of Washington, Department of Medicine, Rehabilitation Counselor; Seattle School District #1, Human Relations Trainer; Los Angeles Community College, credentialed psychology Instructor. Living in Tokyo, Japan, Hilary is in private practice, conducts Cultural Training for Japanese corporations, and is a Columnist for the Stars and Stripes Newspaper writing a column on Mental Fitness.

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Affirmations for Life inspires one to take a journey toward discovery of true self; an inner journey filled with those guiding affirmations, spiritual truisms, those insights and true virtues that can sometimes become blurred by the chaos we all live with daily. This journey is meant for those just beginning their search, as well as those that crave to hold fast the inspiration, courage, strength, trust, faith, and acceptance required to transcend chaos. Affirmations for Life is filled with 53 guiding affirmations set to spirit sounds and music: food for heart, mind, and spirit. Destination-knowledge of true self in balance, in love, in spirit. So let the inner journey begin. Might take a lifetime. Might just be one simple insight away...


Dive into the seedy underbelly of Southeast Asian crime syndicates in Hilary Valdez's critically-acclaimed novel. An exciting tale of misfits formed to fight entrenched drug cartels - Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, and Mexican drug gangs, DANGER BEYOND INTRIGUE takes a journey from tribal villages of Southeast Asia to the streets of Tokyo. The gritty realism and engrossing detail is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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